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Cairnspring Mills

freshly milled flours with high percentages of bran and germ, regeneratively farmed in the Skagit Valley, Washington. 

Camas Country Mill

freshly stone-milled whole grain flours, from this family owned mill sourcing from the Willamette Valley, Oregon. 

Bel Fiore Mozzarella Curd

we hand stretch our fresh mozzarella with curd from Berkeley based Bel Fiore and their all-natural California milk.

Stanislaus Tomatoes 

sweet, tangy, California-grown plum tomatoes from this Italian-American family-owned farm.

Ezzo Pepperoni

cups of porky, beefy, greasy heaven from this family-owned Columbus, Ohio based company.

Rainbow Grocery

specialty cheeses and herbs from our favorite grocery store.

Straus & Clover Dairy

milk, cream, and yogurt from organic dairy farms in Marin and Sonoma counties.

Iacopi Farms

some of the best beans in the world from this farm in Half Moon Bay. The Iacopis are a third-generation farming family known for their expertise in maintaining soil fertility in order to limit water usage in drought prone California.

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