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When you grow up in the Bay Area with two moms, one Jewish and one Italian, you care about food. You like eating it, making it, sharing it, talking about it, thinking about it -- you get the idea. Food is nostalgia. The tastes and smells bring back all kinds of memories. For us, one of those core memories is making pizza at home for family and friends. Was it the best pizza in the world? Hell no! This was before pizza steels, portable pizza ovens, and home sourdough starters. This was under-fermented, over-baked, heavily topped family pizza made with mom and a ton of love, and it freaking ruled.

But we all have to grow up. So when our chef, Max Blachman-Gentile, left his mom’s kitchen for ones in New York —  Roberta’s, Mission Chinese Food, Luksus, Tørst, and The Standard Hotel -- before finally making it back home to one of his childhood favorites Tartine, where he was the Culinary Director. Still, he couldn't fill the slice-shaped hole in his heart that pizza had left. 

Jules was born out of those memories and love. Our love for pizza, and for eating good food with good people. Our love for the Bay Area, where we were born and raised and where some of the best ingredients in the world are also born and raised. And our love for the people who cooked for us and taught us how to cook, and for the ones who taught them. We wanted that love to be baked into every pizza we share, so we chose to honor two of our grandmas, who both went by the nickname Jules.

Come pizza party with us, it'll be just like mom used to make! (but kind of way better because this is our job)


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